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Best Reverse Proxy and Its Benefits

A proxy or a normal proxy is a computer application server that comes in-between the user’s system and the Internet. It basically acts as the intermediate between the client and the server. The proxy is the one that takes the requests from you and then it would be the one forwarding it to the server. A normal proxy is different than a reverse proxy and it would be explained further.

Moreover, in the situation explained above, the client would believe that the proxy is the server. And the Internet would believe that the proxy is the client who is asking for the resources. The proxy server is the one that acts as the intermediate between the Internet and the client. It takes care of the requests that come to it.

To understand reverse proxy vs proxy, you need to know why the proxy is used as well. It is used to prevent the communication of the client with the Internet. It is also to assess the request and then decide what to do with it for security reasons. But this is not the only reasons why the normal proxy or the reverse proxy server for windows are used.

They are also used by the client to hide their identity and also their location. With this, the server would see the IP address and the location of the reverse proxy or the proxy you are using. And by this, the Internet would feel that the proxy server is the client asking for the details and the resources.

What is the Reverse Proxy Server for Windows?

Now, for the reverse proxy vs proxy, the proxy is normal only if it is a proxy for the user. The reverse proxy is the one that behaves as the proxy for the server.The best reverse proxy is utilized to duplicate the content for the various far locations. It is also there for the load balancing which is why content is replicated. Got confused? Let us get more into the idea so that you get a bigger and better picture about it.

The Reverse proxy server for windows or any other one has an IP address that is public and the cache is published on it for the Internet. Due to this, when a user wants to access something from the Internet, then they are directed to the reverse proxy server that has been published. And all this takes place by the domain name’s DNS resolution.

For example, the best reverse proxy would look like a server from the web. After someone request for a resource, it would forward that appeal to the actual server who has the resource. And this happens only if the resource asked for is for the first time. After this, it is saved in the cache and is used without the need of asking the web server again for it. So, when a person asks for the content the next time again, it would be given directly from the reverse proxy server on Windows or any other system, without disturbing the Web server for it again.

By this, the speed of the response would be high along with a greater capacity to secure the server in a better way. Moreover, it would also be available easily without giving both the server and the system any stress of getting the information that has been requested by the client.

For instance, it would be much better to have more reverse proxy vs proxy servers on the various continents of the same web servers. By this, it would be closer to the users and the response time would be much faster than the actual time the real server takes. Moreover, if a person wants to attack your website, it would not be able to attack the real server but just the proxy server. And this is one reason for users to know why use a reverse proxy. It is just the best reverse proxy server you can have with everything that would do more good than harm.

The Benefits of the Best Reverse Proxy Server

Now that you know what the reverse proxy server for windows is, you need to also know all the other main reasons of why to use a reverse proxy. If you put the reverse proxy server in your business and connect it with the DMZ, it would help you a lot. You can then shift all the file transfer servers to the internal network. This would make them be very less unsafe and vulnerable to the attacks of the hackers on the Internet.

And if you feel that this is all the reverse proxy can do, then you are wrong. It is just the top of the mountain of benefits. There are a lot more to it than you can think of and we are about to share them with you so that you can make use of it in the best way possible.

1. The best reverse proxy enables the load balancing and failover

The best reverse proxy would be the one that would already be supporting the high availability methods like the failover and the load balancing. With this feature, you would be able to remove the downtime in your business and boost the productivity.

There are many cases where you would need to just group a cluster and then add the file transfer servers to it. With this, the reverse proxy would implement the algorithm of load balancing to distribute it to the servers in the cluster. The algorithms are random, weighted least connections, least connections, weighted round robin, or the round robin methods.

If the server gets down by any chance, it would make the system failover automatically to the server that is next up and the clients would still be able to have a safe and secure file transfer service.

2. Permits the transparent maintenance of the backend servers

If you do any alterations to the server running at the back of the reverse proxy, they are going to be absolutely transparent to the end clients that you have. This is also in case you take down one of the safe file transfer servers for some replacement, upgrade, or maintenance. For anything, your end clients would not be able to notice it at all.

3. Assists to resolve the managerial compliance

There are a lot of government-imposed laws and de facto standards due to which extremely vulnerable areas like the DMZ cannot have stored data in it. For instance, the Payment Card Industry needs the credit card information to be cached in the DMZ separated networks that are internal.

But in case you want to share data with another organization like those who are trading partners. And you do not have any access to your own internal network. This can be solved with the help of the reverse proxy. And this is something that is not illegal and falls within the bounds of the laws. You can place the reverse proxy in the DMZ and then let the traders connect to the back-end servers in a safe way by that.

You can easily share the sensitive information with other outside people without exposing the information on the DMZ. And this is all done with the help of the reverse proxy technology that allows the DMZ streaming.

4. Diminishes the hazards to any sensitive data

Think about the huge amount of information that is often shared with your business partners, field employees and customers. And obviously, some of the data is not for the public to see or use in any way. And you wouldn’t want to let out your financial data, payroll spreadsheets, prototype blueprints, trade secrets or your personal information to get into someone’s hand from the public. Also since it can fall in the wrong hands as well.

But if you save all the files that you transfer in the DMZ of your company, the confidential information is saved in a hard disk that can be hacked by fraudsters, corporate spies, and even identity thieves. And to avoid all this, you need to use the reverse proxy. This would allow you to have the choice of transferring the files through the DMZ and there would be no risks at all.

5. Gets the operational and capital expenses down

Again the last two problems we just discussed is related to this one. And the only way to solve all these things is with installing two sets of servers. One is the DMZ for providing services to the clients externally and the other one is for the internal users. Just that this idea is highly expensive and you would also need to administer each of them. This just increases the burden and overload of work.

The reverse proxy can save you from this mess as you would not need to install two DMZ servers. And the one that you have can easily be placed on your internal network. It would work perfectly for both the external and internal clients.

6. Transfers user credentials to a safer place

You are aware that most of the information and user credentials are saved on the servers used for file transfer. And if these are installed in your DMZ server, there is a high risk of it getting attacked. And moreover, it can get easily hacked and you can easily lose everything you have ever built. But there is a solution for this.

By taking your servers into a network that is internal and then using a reverse proxy to regulate the access, the credentials would be much more safe and secure. Moreover, it would also protect all the data that you have got stored in the server, where you wouldn’t have to worry about any hacks or attacks.

7. Simplifies the access control responsibilities

Since you would only have a single point from where things can be accessed, you would be able to concentrate on just that point and control it easily. Let us take for instance, instead of designating IP addresses to each and every server so that it can be connected. You can easily make a set of the IP access laws that the reverse proxy server would follow. So, if a person tries to connect with the IP that is unauthorized, it would be terminated by the best reverse proxy immediately.

8. Produces a single point of access to your file transfer servers

If you have rightly configured the reverse proxy as well as the firewall, there is no one who can gain any kind of access to the file transfer servers that you have. Whoever asks for an access would have to pass by the reverse proxy. And if it approves the person as per your rules that are given to it, the person would be allowed the access to the information they are looking for. And when this takes place, you can put all your attention on what is going in and out of the reverse proxy.

And these are the reasons why use a reverse proxy for your server. Though the benefits that have been shared are mostly for the security reasons. There are other reasons as well like the better end-user experience, developed business continuity — disaster recovery capabilities, as well as the cost savings. So, it is the best thing that any small and large business can have with them. It does everything that you want it to do. And after you have installed it, you would not have to worry much about anything else.

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