Can Alcoholics Drink Again?

You are sober, with good friends, ready to enjoy a drink. You promise yourself that you will stop at two. Probably two is enough to feel the alcohol in your head, but not enough to lead to bad consequences.

You can stop at one or two. But what if those two drinks kill the willpower you had at the beginning of the evening, and make you drink all the alcohol in the house?

Can alcoholics drink again? Old vs Modern Research

In addiction research this is a major debate. For years, the answer to the question “can alcoholics drink again” was an unequivocal no.

Nowadays, modern research influences the traditional programs. In most of the cases they improve the strategies of addiction treatment.

The questions are: why do you drink, how much do you drink and how long have you been in this pattern? The longer the drinking period, the more changes alcohol has done to your brain.

The “problem drinkers” drink because they want to arrive at a desirable effect. For them, drinking is purely a cognitive cause. Non-dependent problem drinkers can move from addiction into moderate drinking.

If you drink alcohol for a long period of time, it has already made some changes in your body. Memory loss, disability of producing dopamine and of using it, and of growing new neurons, are results of alcoholism. The brain is addicted, and it is not just one or two drinks what it wants.


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