$500,000 LockTrip Airdrop Announcement

To Join please go to https://locktrip.com/airdrop

**IMPORTANT Update (2 June 6:20 AM UTC Time) — As of this moment onward — Airdrop is Restricted for the following countries: Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Nigeria, Bangladesh**

In accordance with our new road-map, we are excited to officially announce that we will be launching our LOC airdrop on the 1st June 2018.

The concept of the airdrop is to engage a broad and healthy community and to spread the word about our amazing project. — LockTrip and our native LOC token.

The LOC airdrop is the result of extensive research and will be a carefully crafted and executed campaign in order to ensure that it is as effective as possible. It will take approximately 3–5 Minutes for the airdrop to be completed and every user will have a unique referral ID where he could refer all of his family and friends in order to earn additional tokens as a reward.

  • Each user who successfully completes all tasks will receive $10 worth of tokens
  • For each referred person who signs up through the referral link and completes all steps, users who provided the referral link will be accredited with additional $5 per person!(one of the highest in the industry)
  • The distribution of the tokens will be made to the built-in wallets that the users will have created in our marketplace.
  • The distribution itself is planned to take place in the 15th July 2018–30th July 2018 and will be subjected to careful anti-fraud analysis.
  • The LOC distribution price for calculating the exact amount of tokens that will be equivalent to the $500,000 and the respective amount each users has accumulated as a balance will be based on the LOC market price in CMC at the time of distribution and will be identical for all airdrop users.

There will be no limitation to the number of people everyone can refer.

The above numbers make an approximate of 33,000–50,000 Hard Cap for maximum number of airdrop users.

In the event that the cap is not reached by 15th July, the airdrop will be finalized and distribution will be made.

With this being said, we will conduct the airdrop 100% in-house and will be aiming for long term engagement of the users that take part of it. The goal of the airdrop is it to be an effective marketing campaign that will benefit the project.

For this purpose we have built a tailor made advanced interface for the airdrop (including a very detailed back-end for fraud prevention) which will consist of 3 parts.

1. Intro/Signup part

Changes might occur since this is a draft version of our interface..
  • It will provide a tailor made 60 sec video with first half focused on the details of our airdrop, and the second 30 sec of the video highlighting the unique aspects of our project in general. The transition between the two will be swift and we want to make sure everyone who watches the video to perfectly understand the basics and the unique selling points (before even signing up) of our project and thus to try convert them from an “airdrop” user to a valuable user.
  • Users will need to provide their email in order to continue to next step.

2. Step 2 — Community engagement part

During this step, users will be prompted to perform the following actions:

  • Join Our Telegram
  • Follow on Twitter
  • Re-tweet a carefully crafted promotion article about LockTrip
  • Follow on Facebook

We will utilize real-time monitoring through a custom built backend that will connect with Telegram, Twitter and FB API in order to perform double checks if all of the steps have been completed and if the specifically provided usernames for each of the communities have indeed completed the respective joins and follows.

3. Quick Survey

After users join our community they will need to complete a quick 3 questions survey. The point of this survey is to specifically show the unique selling points of our project once again and to make a reference to a personal experience that the users had and how our platform and the LOC token could benefit them in the nearest future. Each of the 3 questions are inter-connected.

The answer from the 1st question, personalizes the second question.
  • * Important** some users reported to have experienced problems on some mobile browsers with the “Go to Dashboard”. Until we fix this issue, we kindly ask you to re-try using a desktop browser in incognito mode. This should solve the problem. If you experience the problem also in desktop, try using a different desktop browser. Thank you for your patience*

The third question emphasizes on our marketplace once again and will have an embedded hyperlink in the “Check Marketplace now” button, because we want to make sure people are aware that this is a real product.

4. Account & Wallet Setup After you finish the survey

You will be taken to our alpha marketplace, where you will either need to login (if you are an already registered user) or to signup (see below screenshot) if you are a newcomer. If this is your first registration on our marketplace, you will also be prompted to create your own wallet. Please make sure you write down your mnemonic keywords, since those are the only way you can recover access to your wallet in case you lose your password.

You will be prompted to signup and create a wallet. This is a required step to finish your airdrop enrolment.

5. Personal Dashboard With Referral Link, Balance and Integration into our marketplace

In order to further increase the level of engagement of our users, we will be integrating the airdrop into our existing dashboard. After users complete the first 3 steps, they will automatically be forwarded to their Airdrop dashboard, which will be embedded into our marketplace. They will be able to monitor their balance as well as copy their unique referral link which they can use to refer friends and family.

After we finalize the airdrop campaign, the “airdrop” tab in the dashboard will be converted to “affiliate” tab which we will utilize for on-going engagement with our community in the form of different tasks and rewards.

The distribution of the tokens will be made to the built-in wallets that the users have created in our marketplace.

The distribution itself is planned to take place in the 15th July 2018–30th July 2018 and will be subjected to careful anti-fraud analysis.

Please click here to read the Airdrop Rules & FAQ, Not doing so can get you banned and disqualified from the Airdrop.

If you are participating in the LOC Airdrop, you should read this post carefully, as this post will sum-up all rules and requirements to be eligible to receive your airdrop reward.

Join our Telegram for more Info on LockTrip!

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