Airdrop verification is completed

Dear Airdrop Participants!

First of all, we want to apologize for the delay. We are aware that many of you are waiting eagerly for the distribution.

We have now successfully completed the verification process and updated your dashboards accordingly.

What categories exist?

  1. Verified → This means you successfully passed all tests
  2. Duplicate/Multi-Accounting → This means we spotted an attempt of fraud where we received multiple submissions from the same person
  3. Social joins not complete → This means there was an error regarding your social joins (Telegram/Twitter/Facebook/Email). In that case, please check this post to understand where you need to fix your submission. NOTE: If you were banned from our Telegram official channel this means that you breached this airdrop rules. There is no way to undo this. Please don’t send any requests for it!
  4. Restricted country → Should you be restricted due to your country and have 0 referrals, your reward remains $0 as before.
  5. Verified, but referrals incomplete → This means that your account passed all verification tests, but your final balance is subject to changes on your referrals.

Changes in your referrals validity can affect your balance. Should referrals of you not pass our verification, the reward for those referrals will not be paid out. Your balance can still increase, should you referrals submit an objection and get verified status.

You think we made a mistake? We will be accepting objections for the next 2–3 weeks, to make sure no mistakes are causing an unfair distribution, which will be initiated shortly after.

Also please note, that you can still change your Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and Email submissions on your dashboard, in case you have incomplete social joins error. Changing them in case of a duplicate/multi-accounting error however, will not free you from your disqualification.

Airdrop questions are NOT allowed in our Telegram group! Please make sure to use one of the following ways to contact us:

Report form (also for objections):


Thank you for your participation!

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