Introducing the LockTrip Wallet

Let’s have a look at the LockTrip Wallet.

The first thing you have to do, is to download the wallet here. Wallet versions are currently limited to Windows, Mac and Linux.

Installation guide for Windows

  1. Download the file that fits your operating system
  2. Start the Installer

3. After completing the installation, go to the LockTrip file (if you have not changed the storage path, it should be under the “program” folder of your computer).

4. Send the shortcut in the folder to your desktop.

5. Add a -testnet to the path of the shortcut.

6. You are ready to launch your wallet!

Guide for Linux

This example installation is done on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with KDE as a desktop manager (also known as Kubuntu). We recommend running the GUI wallet under KDE or GNOME.

Guide for Mac

Claiming your Test-LOCs

Upon successful installation & launch, the wallet will begin with the synchronization process. This can take some time (depending on your network connection).

After the synchronization is completed, your wallet is ready. (DO NOT SEND REAL LOCS TO THIS WALLET!)

By clicking Alt, you can activate the bar on top and select your “receiving addresses”.

There you find your addresses and can create/copy new ones.

You can create as many addresses as you like, which will all lead to the same wallet.

Now simply go to our Faucet, and start claiming by submitting your wallet address. The Faucet is limited to prevent abusive actions.

Here is how a successful claim looks like:

You should then receive your 100 LOCs within a minute.

Starting to Stake

In the screenshot below, you can see the incoming transaction of 100 LOCs, but also some mining rewards. The black one (+0.64…) is a matured reward, which means that it has passed at least 1500 block confirmations. The grey ones were mined more recently and are still waiting to become mature.

But how can you stake?

Very easy. Just wait.

After you have claimed your LOCs from the faucet, they will automatically be staked after 1500 blocks.

At the top right corner of your wallet, you can monitor how many of your LOCs are currently staked and also get info about the total LOCs staked across the network. From this ratio, the wallet calculates the expected time for you to mine a block (on average).

You can also send and receive LOCs/LRC20 tokens.

The recommended gas price setting is determined by the network, but you can also use your own preferred setting.

To receive pre-determined payments (it creates a QR code, which can simply be scanned) you simply have to fill the requested data at the “receive” tab.

As a default, this will create a new wallet address for every use case. But you can select to use one of the previously generated ones. The newly generated address will be showing up on the “receiving addresses” section described above. In any case, your wallet always remains the same. It is the address that changes. So all those addresses belong to the same wallet.

Here is an example:

You can either send the link, or let your partner scan the QR code. All data will automatically be filled in his wallet.

On the last 2 sections, you are able to create Smart Contracts and add LRC20 tokens.

Enjoy the experience!

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