Airdrop FAQ EXCLUSIVELY for KuCoin Voting ONLY

This FAQ is exclusively for people, who ONLY participated in the KuCoin voting airdrop, and did NOT additionally participate in the Airdrop 1.0 !

If you participated in Airdrop 1.0 also, then please switch to this FAQ.

If you are still experiencing any issues after reading the useful information below, fill in this form.

1.Rewards overview: The KuCoin campaign has 3 levels of winning opportunities, which can also be combined:

  • Voting Reward — 2 LOC tokens for everyone, who successfully voted, submitted the airdrop, and passed the anti-fraud analysis.
  • Referrals — 1 LOC token per each person you referred, and who successfully completed the same steps described above
  • Lucky Draw — 2,500$ worth of LOC tokens awarded to one random Airdropper
  • Winning Reward provided by LockTrip — Additionally (because LockTrip won the competition), successful submitters received 3 LOC tokens as a bonus
  • Winning Reward provided by KuCoin — Additionally, you are eligible to collect a good piece of the $50,000 worth of LOC token, which KuCoin will distribute among the participants who voted for the token-winner.

2. Were the rewards distributed already? — Yes (excluding the reward KuCoin will distribute)

3. When did the lucky draw take place? — On August the 6th. → more info

4. Where were the rewards distributed to? — To the personal ETH address you provided us upon submission

5. Where do I check my balance? — If you submitted via this link:
  • If you submitted via our telegram bot, there is sadly no way to check your balance.

6. I do not see any tokens in my wallet, why?

Make sure you have configured your wallet for our custom token in order to be able to see it in your balance! You can find the token metrics here.

7. I did vote for KuCoin. Why is my balance $0? — Because:

- You most probably have failed to pass the verification procedure and the anti-fraud analysis. Full list of black-hat practices can be found on the KuCoin Official vote page or in their TG channel

- Your vote in KuCoin was unsuccessful because you didn’t compete successfully and/or did not observe strictly the steps and instructions here

- You did not attach your screenshot to the dedicated place here within the deadline

8. Why my balance is only 5 LOC? I referred so many people to vote on KuCoin? — This means that only your vote counts, because:

- none of the people you referred actually placed a vote on KuCoin

- the people you referred didn’t compete successfully and/or did not observe strictly the steps and instructions here

9. Where can I ask questions about the KuCoin voting and rewards-related questions? — Mail directly to the support at or fill this form.

10. Why was I banned from your Telegram? — Here are the possible scenarios:

• Advertising, spamming and unsolicited promotion will result in immediate ban from our Telegram.

• Having names of other projects in your public Telegram nickname is a violation of the anti-spam rule. This also includes “name + [other project]” or “name + [ico name]” as well as “name + [website or airdrop/token]”.

• Asking questions about the airdrop in the Telegram is forbidden. Our telegram is exclusively for Locktrip essentials discussions.

• Airdrop support is solely provided through email: and this form. Asking airdrop support questions in the Telegram will most likely get you banned.

For your comfort, we have created a dedicated Airdrop announcement channel to keep you constantly informed and up-to-date. Join it here

• Once you get banned, there is no way to undo this. Please don’t send any requests for it.

• Asking basic airdrop question such as “when will the payout be” are not allowed. You will find all of the answers to these basic questions in our FAQ section. It is your responsibility to get acquainted with all terms, conditions as well as information about the airdrop and you should not rely on dedicated support for such basic information.

• Multi-accounting is not allowed — If you create several accounts, for the purpose of receiving more tokens, you will be banned and no tokens will be sent to any of the accounts you used.

11. If I violated any of the “Important rules”, what will happen with my reward? — This will not affect your balance for the KuCoin vote (except you used multi accounting — then your tokens will not be distributed).

Thank you for participating and contributing to the LOC token listing on KuCoin! We wouldn’t have made it without you!