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Name: LockChain

High Project Potential: $500 Billion Industry

Low Total Hard Cap: 32,000 ETH (approx. $9,000,000)

Symbol: LOC

Token type: Utility token, ERC20-compliant

Token liquidity: High

Presale Date: 03-Oct-2017 until 29-Oct-2017

Presale Price: 1 ETH = 1000 LOC

Presale Bonus: 33%

Sold (19-Oct-2017): 4200+ ETH

Token Generation Date: 29-Oct-2017 until 30-Nov-2017

Token Generation Price: 1 ETH = 750–650 LOC

Wings DAO Median Forecast: 35812 ETH

Community (19-Oct-2017): 14,747 members

Registered website users: 6,339

Social Interest Total: 8,408 community members

Facebook: 6,508

Twitter: 1008

Telegram: 809

Reddit: 68

Bitcointalk: 15



Smart contract:



How it works visualised


Lockchain is a combination of two projects in one. On one hand we have a decentralized bookings engine, to which any applications can connect, and on the other hand we have a marketplace application which is providing user friendly accommodation booking services. Because the decentralized engine will not collect any commissions, the prices have the potential to be up to 20% and 30% lower than the current established sites.


· To provide a new kind of supply instead of competing directly with the giants — Priceline,, Airbnb etc.

· Our focus is not so much on the profit rather on building a disruptive business. In the worst case to be at break even so that it’ll keep existing and to grow as a market share. Market share is not equal to profitability, according to our philosophy.

· To give back value to the end user. The velocity of the service can and should be a growth agent for the token value. We, as founders, have a bigger incentive to grow namely the token value rather than making a super profitable company.

Our native LOC token now costs approx. €0.25. If it goes up to €50, that’s a 200 times increase in price. This increase offsets any potentially lost profits from the revenue of the market operstions.

As long as we have 15–20% lower retail prices, we believe the LOC value will increase even further in terms of market share due to the price sensitivity of the segment.


The platform’s official road map, development milestones and deadlines are met.