How to Buy NFT’s in the LOCKER(Room) Marketplace?

  1. What is the LOCKER(Room) NFT Marketplace?
  2. How to Buy NFTs?
  3. How to Make your own NFTs?

What are NFTs?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible-Token, meaning it is a unique token on the Blockchain where all information is securely stored for all of time and validated by a vast network that guarantees the eternal authenticity of all the stored data. This storing of information on the Blockchain provides opportunity for creating digital assets with authentication methods and immutabilities like never before.

In short, NFTs store data on Blockchains (in the case of LOCKER the Ethereum and Polygon Network) and give a new way of owning, validating and monetizing digital assets.

2. What is the LOCKER(Room) NFT Marketplace?

The Locker-Room is a complete digital ecosystem where fans and collectors can easily access the best of Crypto, including a Marketplace where to trade digital assets like NFTs. Fans can start their crypto journey on the Locker Token App and connect with their favorite Teams on a level like never before. Together entering the new digital world.

On the Locker-Room Marketplace you can:

  • Buy, Trade & Collect NFTs
  • Buy Crypto via Credit Card or Bank Transfer
  • Trade, Send, Receive and Store major Cryptocurrencies
  • Connect with other Users, Athletes and Official Teams
  • Access all Web3 Applications

This App is truly decentralized where you are in full control. (Not all crypto apps offer this. Check out the difference between custodial and non-custodial wallets and learn why Locker Token App is properly set up for the new digital world of Blockchain & Web3 integrations.

3. How to Buy NFTs?

NFTs are bought with crypto currency, paid for in the native coin of the Blockchain Network they are on. In the case of LOCKER, we are on the Ethereum and Polygon Network, meaning you will first need to get some ETH or MATIC in order to purchase your NFTs. You can do so by transferring from another wallet or exchange to your LOCKER Wallet or you can utilize our EURO or USD on-ramp, which allows users to purchase a variety of cryptos with their banking card and instantly load their wallet. Those coins can then be used to purchase NFTs, which are tokens on their respective Blockchain.

  1. Go the Locker Room Section in the App.
  2. Select the NFTs you like and purchase with your crypto.
  3. Collect, Trade and Enjoy that you are amongst the first to be involved this early and own an iconic piece of sports & crypto history.

Download the Locker Token Ecosystem App

Apple iOS:
Play Store:


3. Step by Step Instructions on How to Mint an NFT

In the following section we will show you how easy it is to mint your own NFTs on the Ethereum and Polygon Blockchain.
You can set unique traits (properties) for your NFT and can also set percentages that will be sent to your wallet every time the NFT is traded.

1st — Open the LOCKER App and set up your wallet (Instructions can be found here). Open the “NFT” Section on the bottom of the App and press the “+” button on the bottom right of the App (see photo below)

2nd — After Clicking the “+” Button to add your NFT, you will be able to define the unique properties / traits of your uploaded media. In this next section you will need to enter values for the following fields:

  • Give a brief description
  • Enter the NFT traits
  • Select the Blockchain you want to mint on
  • Select a return percentage of all future NFT sales

When adding NFT traits, you can add as many as you would like and these traits will be defined across your addresses’ collection.



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