3 Famous Historical Personality You Never Know Were Locksmiths

May 24, 2018 · 3 min read

One of the oldest professions is locksmithing. Have you ever thought about the famous locksmiths of the history? Locksmithing is a very humble profession and from the ancient time it has been used for the security of the mankind.

Famous historical personalities have taken interest in learning locksmithing. This is because; it helped them to protect their own people and to raise their next generation in a secured place. Here are a few names of the historical figures who took locksmithing as their profession.

Pharaoh Khafre (2550 BC)

Who does not know about Pharaoh? Khafre is an Egyptian king and 4th of the Pharaoh dynasty. He was the son of Khufu and the successor of the throne.

Pharaoh Khafre

We all know Pharaoh Khafre as the iconic face that has been immortalized n the Great Sphinx. More than 4000 years ago this king built the second largest pyramid In Giza. It is impossible for us to know whether he studied locksmithing or not but we can clearly see that creating the first locking mechanism of the world was not possible without having a clear idea about locks. As most of the Egyptians wanted to secure their passion and therefore, he came up with the idea of locking the property. Therefore, it quite clear that, Khafre was one of earlier locksmiths of the world.

King Louis XVI

Did you know that King Louis XVI was an excellent locksmith? Well, he is popular as the last king of France and the husband of the infamous Marie Antoinette. The followers of this king informed that, he was in love with the mechanisms of locks and he practiced opening and installing the locks himself.

King Louis XVI

This king was beheaded and its responsibility is shared by another locksmith boise. His friend Francois Gamain was the royal locksmith and he used to tech him about locks. King Louis XVI asked Gamain to build a chest to secure his important files and this turned over to the revolutionaries and caused the death of the king.

Harry Houdini

This famous magician was trained to be a locksmith at their early life. After moving to America, he served as locksmith for quite a long time and he was doing very well with his business. The knowledge of the locks influenced him to become a magician and thus, harry houdini became the famous magician. He used to collect various types of locks and studied it to know about its working procedure and opening technique which he later used in his magic. He is well known for revolutionizing the industry of magic.

Harry Houdini

These are some of the famous locksmiths of the century. They all have a small contribution in changing the concept of locks and revolutionizing them. So, if you aspire to be a locksmith, you should know that they did not become experts in one night. They worked hard for it and ultimately, got this position. So, keep working and you can excel your field as well.


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