Spiritual and Physical benefits of Lapis stone

Lapis is one of the oldest known rock to human civilization that had been used for ornamental as well as healing purpose. The stone is known to harness massive psychic, emotional, spiritual and medical properties. Throughout history, lapis lazuli is known as the symbol of nobility, wisdom and eternal peace. Egyptian sacred text has mentioned lapis in its content — which clearly indicates the higher authority of stone in civilization.

As a healing stone, lapis has an overall calming effect on the wearer. It is directly associated with the higher level of self-awareness and wisdom. The benefits of wearing lapis jewelry are generally seen after some time and Jyotish highly recommends people to put their belief in the stone in order to truly avail energies harnessed possessed within this magnificent stone. Apart from harnessing positive energies, the stone is also said to protect against unwanted ill or negative energies that enable the wearer to stay focus and see the goodness that surrounds him.

Lapis Lazuli Necklace

Spiritual benefits

Do you feel spiritually exhausted? Spiritual exhaust is primarily driven by lower levels of positive energies that deplete with time. Constant struggle against negative energies can significantly deplete positive energies that make a person more vulnerable to evil powers, depression, and anxiety. Lapis Lazuli helps sustain the positive energies of the wearer by aligning them to higher energies. It establishes a unique connection between the physical and psychic world that allow the wearer to rise to higher level of self-control and awareness. Lapis as a healing stone is highly recommended to be placed in homes and offices to protect against evil energies from surrounding. It also liberates the wearer to break away from self-restraining regulations and look out to the world with a brighter perspective. As far as chakras are concerned, the lapis crystal is associated with multiple chakras including throat chakra. It is known to bring purification, love, peace and inner truth for the wearer. Lastly, if you are going through the relationship breakdown, lapis lazuli can help restore the bond of love and passion among relationships.

Physical Benefits

Apart from a powerful spiritual healing stone, lapis lazuli also serves as a great physical healer. Among the various physical benefits of wearing lapis crystal, some benefits include:

  • Enhance immune system
  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Lower the joints pain and inflammation
  • Strengthen the heart functions and lower heart diseases
  • Help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Promote effective communication (it is directly associated with 6th Eye of Throat chakra)
  • Enhance the confidence level for carrier promotion and growth
  • Reduce symptoms of insomnia by promoting inner peace and self-awareness
  • Restore functions of respiratory system
  • Extremely beneficial for throat functions including thyroid and larynx
  • Treat epilepsy and other mind diseases
  • It is known as an effective treatment for people dealing with Parkinson’s disease

These are just to name a few physical benefits of wearing lapis stone jewelry or keeping it in close proximity. Remember, the true potential of crystal energies can only be revealed with utmost belief and reliance. You got to believe in yourself and efficacy of these crystals to be able to fully avail benefits offered by any stone crystal.