Everything About the Nintendo Switch

Ever since the Nintendo Switch was announced back in October, everyone has been prying to get more information. Believing and following every new rumor, people wanted to know more. However today, Nintendo has broken their silence. Now did the silence give us too high expectations for the information?

The Console

  • Has dock for tv
  • Normal controller along with pro controller
  • Online multiplayer
  • Smart phone app to manage friends and games
  • Paid service beginning in Fall 2017 after free testing
  • No region locking, you can play any game from anywhere
  • Has fusion of parts of all previous consoles
  • Uses HDMI cable
  • Tv Mode is where you play games on the tv
  • Tabletop mode, stand the Switch with a kickstand
  • Handheld mode, attach joycon controllers to the system
  • 2 1/2 to 6 hour life. Play while charging system
  • Connect to wifi
  • 8 Switch systems can be played together

Joycon Controller

  • Usually in a grip
  • Two joycons, a left and right
  • Each has analog stick
  • Right has A, B, X, Y buttons, home button, and NFC reader for amiibo
  • Left has capture button for screenshots and video, which you can share.
  • Has motion controls
  • Each has L and R buttons
  • Joycons come in different colors
  • Have wrist strap
  • Right has a camera for new control
  • Can make you feel ice cubes collide in a cup, and tell the amount, and feel water fill the glass. All because of HD rumble


  • Console
  • Joycons
  • Grip
  • Straps
  • Dock
  • HD adapter
  • HDMI cable
  • Two versions. One gray joycons, one neon Blue and neon red controllers

The Games


  • All can play together
  • Competition game with many different modes
  • Many games like boxing, dueling, dancing, eating
  • No need to see a screen
  • Face another person the whole time
  • Release Day Game


  • Boxing game
  • Fighting game
  • Characters have stretchy arms
  • Aim and shoot like a gun
  • Motion controls for the game
  • Two characters are Spring Man and Ribbon Girl
  • Battle against CPU, play split screen, play against both switches, and online battles
  • Releases this Spring

Splatoon 2

  • New hairstyles, new weapons, new subs, new maps, new layouts, new moves
  • Turf war still exists, new stages, clothes, and weapons
  • Splat Doolies are dual pistols
  • All new specials
  • Use joycon and procontrollers
  • Both tablet and tv mode
  • Over internet, local multiplayer
  • Releases Summer 2017, more stuff added after launch
  • Plans for ongoing game events

Super Mario Odyssey

  • In a city
  • Sandbox world, but still with levels
  • Bowser in a tuxedo
  • New types of jumps and rides
  • Crazy bosses
  • Mario’s hat is alive
  • Based off real world locations
  • Releases Holiday 2017

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

  • Made by Monolithsoft
  • Open world

Fire Emblem Warriors

  • Made by Koei Tecmo
  • Ike or Chrom grabbing a sword

Dragon Quest 10 and 11 and Dragon Quest Heroes 1 and 2

  • Will be released on the Switch

Shin Megami Tensai

  • By Atlus
  • Has many villains and a golden person

Project Octopath Traveler

  • By Square Enix
  • Pixel game


  • Will be released on the Switch

Travis Touchdown Game (Unnamed)

  • Will be released on the Switch


  • Coming to Switch, supposedly most immersive version yet
  • Play with favorite players on famous teams in popular stadiums
  • Will be released this year

Flashes of many games

  • Sonic
  • Mine craft Story Mode
  • Street Fighter
  • Bomber man
  • Farming Simulator
  • Mario Kart
  • NBA
  • Many more

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  • Shows evil taking over the kingdom
  • Many different weapons
  • Something devastating happened 100 years ago
  • Meet girl who looks like gender swapped link.
  • See many familiar faces.
  • Releases on launch of the Nintendo Switch

The Release

  • March 3rd, 2017
  • Will be $299.99

That was amazing. All of the third party support mixed with first party games are making the Nintendo Switch look like it’s going to put Microsoft and Sony out of the gaming business.

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