Fire Emblem Heroes Review

First of all, my god this a great mobile game! Not only does it excellently capture the spirit of the Fire Emblem games, but it also greatly balances out its payed aspect by making you only have to pay money if you want to. Along with that, you can play with characters from so many different Fire Emblem games, and they’re all good. So, how’s the rest of the game?


The story of Fire Emblem has you thrust into a war between the kingdoms of Askr and Emblia. Askr is able to open portals to different worlds, and Emblia is able to close them. The kingdom of Emblia is stealing and controlling heroes from different worlds to attack Askr and and rule the land of Zenith. You are thrust into the war because you have the rare ability to summon heroes to fight with you. It’s your goal to stop the kingdom of Emblia and bring peace to Zenith.


The gameplay of FE: Heroes is that of the main games, which is to say a tactical turn based RPG. There are also red, blue, green, and colorless heroes that operate on a fire-water-grass relationship. Each hero also has between one and five stars, with five being the strongest.


The graphics of FE: Heroes is a strange topic, because it has two distinct types.

Type One: Full Character Art

The first type is what you’ll see when you gain a new hero, or when your hero attacks. These full body art pieces are each drawn by a different person or group. Some of the art looks really good and others…don’t suit my preference.

Type Two: Chibi Sprites

This is the main style of art, when you’re in a battle or in the plaza, you’ll see the small version of the characters, all of which are drawn by the same person.

Final Thoughts


While it isn’t a bad game, it certainly isn’t adding a whole new dimension to Fire Emblem or mobile games. While it is one of the better apps Nintendo has made, that isn’t saying much. The app does have the ability to last though.


  • Fun
  • Many characters
  • Easy to play


  • Stamina bar
  • Need constant internet connection
  • Drains battery
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