Pokémon Go Gets Generation 2

Now everyone knows about the frenzy that was Pokémon Go, and how it vastly died. However one flaw people had with the game was that there was only one Generation of Pokémon. However Niantic has finally said that later this week, over 80 new Pokémon from Gold and Silver will be released. This will also include being able to evolve many older Pokémon into their Generation Two evolutions.

Not only will there be new Pokémon, but a new battle layout as well. It will make selecting pokéballs and berries easier, but Pokémon have new movements to stop you from catching them. There are also different berry types now. There’s the Nanab berry that will slow the Pokémon’s motions, and the Pinap berry that will give you double candy if you catch that Pokémon.

And the final piece of news is more customization! Now it isn’t the most exciting feature, but a bit of customization is always fun. The real question we’re left with now is, can Pokémon Go come back from the dead?