Sombra hacks into Overwatch

Today Blizzard announced a new, but highly teased, character. Her name is Sombra, and she is a hacker extraordinaire.

Sombra’s main weapon is a machine gun that holds 60 bullets before needing to reload.

As she is a hacker, she’s able to hack various different things. She’s able to hack a turret to make it stop firing, and she’s able to hack players and health drops. We do not currently know what happens with hacked players or health drops.

Sombra also has an item that she throws, and when she needs to, teleport to wherever it landed.

Some other abilities she possesses are the abilities to turn invisible and to slow time. She can only turn invisible for a limited amount of time, and she can only slow time with her ultimate, which is an EMP blast.

Sombra looks like a very interesting character with what we know about her. She seems to play as a very technical character, relying more on skill and strategy than brute force, but it’s quite obvious that she’s going to change the current meta game. She does not have a release date as of now, but we can only hope it’ll be soon.