Splatoon 2 Splatfest: Ice Cream vs Cake

Splatfests, a word that will make Splatoon players insanely happy, and get you weird looks from other people. These large events have two teams compete over which thing is better, and this event’s is Ice Cream vs Cake. The correct choice is obviously Ice Cream. However, the reason this Splatfest is so huge, is because Splatoon 2 hasn’t released yet, and neither has the official team chat app, so not only will there be less experienced players, talking with random teammates will be impossible. However, what do you do in a Splatfest?

Well, you participate in the main mode of normal Splatoon, the Turf War, where you try to cover the most turf in your color ink. But, this is where your team comes in. You fight the enemy team, and if you win, you get points for your side. However, you may also fight against members of your own team, and that may not get your team points, it will raise your personal rank. You go from a fan, to a fiend, defender, and finally, a champion

Now, what is the reward for a Splatfest? Well, other than playing on cool nighttime versions of normal stages, you could also get coins, experience, and Super Sea Snails. Now the first two are self explanatory, but the Super Sea Snails are different. They can be used to change abilities on an item, or to add more ability slots to an item. Sadly, you don’t get any items for this Splatfest, but for the future those are the rewards.

Speaking of nighttime stages, what are they for the Splatoon 2 Premiere Splatfest? For the first two hours they were Starfish Mainstage and Inkblot Art Academy. For the final two hours they switched to Humpback Pump Track, and the dreaded…Moray Towers.

So, why did I choose Ice Cream over Cake? Well, ice cream has so many flavors that cake doesn’t. Anything you can think, there is probably an ice cream flavor for it. Also Marina is better.

So, how was my experience? I was able to rank up to Ice Cream Defender, and I was at 45/50. I was only able to play the last two hours, so I only had seven matches against Team Cake, of which I won four. Overall, I did pretty well for being a bit rusty at Splatoon. But you don’t care about that, so who was the victor of the first Splatoon 2 Splatfest? It was…Team Ice Cream! The better team, not to mention larger, prevailed!