Steven Universe “Room For Ruby” Review

All the way back in “Bubbled” we saw the Rubies go flying into space. However while seeing them again to save Greg in “Adventures in Light Distortion,” Steven says that they’ll go back and get them later, but what if one of the Rubies were to come to Earth?


While stargazing one night, Garnet and Steven see Navy (the ruby with her gem on her naval) fall from the sky. Ruby wants to stay on Earth, so Steven decides to pair Ruby up with Lapis and Peridot at the barn. Peridot is very happy to have a new family member, but Lapis is skeptical of Navy, thinking she has an ulterior motive. However after being shown around the barn, Navy manages to steal her ship back and fly away, to presumably get the other Rubies, and go report back to Homeworld.


The animation in this episode is very pleasing. Seeing the barn that Lapis and Peridot have redecorated and the plants they have grown, really helps show their growth together. We also see Lapis with her original color scheme for part of the episode, which has been a very common complaint from the fandom at the moment.

Final Thoughts

While not the most eventful episode, Navy was a funny character, although she only had a brief appearance. We also see Lapis’ reactions to Navy, and how Peridot has learned to calm her, which really shows the growth in their relationship.



  • Lapis and Peridot
  • Navy
  • Plot implications
  • Good jokes


  • Navy didn’t stay