2016 NFL Draft, Biggest Impacts and Busts

The 2016 NFL draft consisted of the usual NFL draft stories, the player who fell in the draft due to injury, the player who dropped because of drug or alcohol issues, the player who should not have gone first, and of course, the Jaguars pick that got hurt before the season. Despite the usual drama of the draft, there are several bright spots and some not so bright.

So who will make big impacts in their first year?

1. Joey Bosa, San Diego

So why Joey Bosa? The better question is, why not Joey Bosa? Bosa is among the top three rookie defenseman in this talented rookie class and is probably in the top five overall. It may sound silly, but the Chargers drafted a steal at the 3rd overall pick with Joey Bosa. In my opinion, like many others, he should have been the first overall pick, but I’ll save that topic for later. Looking at The way Bosa is put together and his NFL combine stats, you will notice striking similarities between Joey and the best defensive player in the game, JJ Watt. Am I saying Bosa is the next JJ Watt, no, but he plays with the same technique and same hard-nose style as Watt, not to mention, Joey is also wearing number 99. Bosa may also be the best defensive player on the San Diego roster already.

2. Shaq Lawson, Buffalo

At 6 foot 3 inches and 269 pounds, this number 19 overall draft choice is a force to be reckoned with. Over his three year (41 games) career, he racked up 123 tackles (68 solo, 55 assisted) and 20 total sacks. Let’s also not forget his talent for tracking the ball behind the line of scrimmage racking up a whopping total of 139 total yards for loss, 90 of which came from his dominant senior year. Some of you may be asking the question “Didn’t he just have surgery?” To answer that, yes he did, however, he is currently projected to be fully ready for week 3 against the Arizona Cardinals.

3. Tyler Boyd, Cincinnati

Tyler Boyd, a second round draft choice, will certainly play a large role at the depleted wide receiver position. After AJ Green on the depth chart, there really is not anybody to write home about, hence why Boyd was drafted by the Bengals. Tyler Boyd is a decent sized wide receiver standing at 6 feet 1 inch and 197 pounds, he will certainly improve that offense. Boyd’s best aspect of his game is definitely his competitiveness. His freshman year of college, he earned himself an All ACC honors above some very talented receivers that were in the ACC. The Cincinnati Bengals may have made the best draft choice of any other team with this pick.

Who are the Busts of the draft?

1. Carson Wentz, Philadelphia

First and foremost,the elephant in the room, Wentz in previous drafts would not have gone 2nd overall, or even first round. Is he talented, yes, however, the competition he faced from college (Division 1 AA) compared to the NFL is even more substantial compared to the kids from regular Division 1. Wentz is also used to being surrounded by winners, but in Philadelphia, winning is a thing of the past. Him alone cannot change that program right away. The Wentz story would certainly be different if he was drafted by a team like the Broncos or the Jets who were successful by their standards. The Super Bowl was success for the Broncos and having a winning season was success for the Jets, just to clarify. Wentz is a project in Philly, rather than an immediate presence which a 2nd overall draft choice should be.

2. Karl Joseph, Oakland

This West Virginia Safety is a stud, do not get me wrong, but the reason why he is on my bust list is because he should not have been a first round pick. The Raiders should have drafted Keanu Neal out of Florida or just a different position a probably could have snagged Joseph in the 2nd round. Joseph also possesses previous injuries that held him back during the combine. Definitely a risky pick at number 14, there is no question about that. Injury concerns is what kept Myles Jack out of the first round, which probably should have been the case for Karl too.

3. Christian Hackenberg, New York (Jets)

I think this pick was a surprise to everyone, especially Jets fans. Hackenberg as a second round pick for the Jets really did not make sense. He is a decent quarterback but lacks the ability to make quick decisions while in the pocket. Hackenberg is simply too raw to make an immediate impact his first couple years in the pros, and by the time he is potentially ready, his contract will be up and he will just end up like Sam Bradford, getting tossed around in trade talks and get replaced by someone better. The Jets should have waited a round to draft a QB and picked a very successful 4 year starter in Connor Cook, whose talents will now be wasted in Oakland sitting behind Derek Carr. Hackenberg will simply repeat what happened at Penn State, going from Hackenberg to Sackenberg.

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