On Peppa Pig Squatty Potties | 02.03.2022

Have you ever seen something so magical and So Totally YOU that you’re stopped dead in your tracks and forced to wonder, “Can I continue in life without this?” For me, that oh so amazing item was a Peppa Pig squatty potty. After two decades of experience, I have come to accept that every Target trip comes with the assumption that I’ll be walking out with something I didn’t even know I needed, and this handy toilet time tool is no exception.

Nestled between toilet plungers and tooth brush holders, I admired it’s simple curvature, utilitarian textures, and playful imagery. For a moment I almost felt like a kid again. It’s not often in life anymore that I am able to so freely feel that childlike excitement about something otherwise viewed as a cheap attempt to make a quick buck off the worldwide success of a children’s cartoon. But before I could even soak in the feeling, my internal monologue began to take over, crowding my mind with the same lack of subtlety and grace as always.

You’re 20 years old, why would you buy a squatty potty with a children’s cartoon?

Are you as a man going to buy that? I mean it’s pink after all.

It’s not even the right size for you, it’s meant for children.

The thing is, those aren’t my thoughts, so where did they come from? If I knew the answer to that question I would have a billion dollar business, but in the meantime I can take a guess. The thing about social media is that content focused toward cringing (Side note: I hate what this term has become in popular culture, but thats a topic for another post) at and shaming others gets more engagement than positive, uplifting content. Social media can become a cesspool of hatred and judgement, making it no surprise that as someone who spends more time than they care to admit on TikTok each day, I have begun to believe and internalize the negativity that is freshly served oh so thoughtfully to me everyday on my FYP.

Next time you see something that brings out your inner child let go of the self-saboteur that is your mind and remind yourself. So what if it’s not the most functional. The most masculine. The most practical. The most blah blah blah. What matters is that it’s the most interesting! The most exciting! And most cliche, yet arguably most important, the most You.

Anyways, if I keep writing the NyQuil will start to wear off and I will be forced to confront the fact that I just wrote about a squatty potty for almost an hour, so off to bed for me.



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