Learn How To Develop Apps Like Snoop-Dog!

With the right idea, the right team and the right process, anyone can develop a successful app. Snoop dog proved this earlier in the year when he released his first ever iPhone and Android app.

In this post we’ll break down how the Snoopify app became so popular and why they decided to monetise it the way they did. I’ll also explain how you can take an ordinary app idea, developing an app, funk-it-up and launch it to the world with great results.

“Snoop Lion is an app developer???”

Snoop Lion just joined the world of app development. And if a 42 year old, ex-hustling, gangster rapper from LBC can do it…then surely anyone can.

Introducing Snoopify

Snoopify is a big hit and has skyrocketed since its release less than 30 days ago with over 100,000 downloads on Google Play & 1,800 reviews.

I snoopified my dog…genius

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Were you always nervous that maybe you were too thug to be an app developer? Or maybe that you aren’t thug enough? Put your ‘thug-inadequacies’ aside for a minute and watch Mr Snoop give the official Snoopify tutorial.

Mr Snoop, you’re a genius… or are you?

Anyone can create an app idea right? Ideas are easy. The success of an app comes down to execution.

Snoop Lion and his company aligned themselves with 99centbrains for the app development expertise and Upper Playground with their marketing experience, to make this app a hit. And it worked.

Seriously speaking, this is a smart move for Snoop Dog and his company. They now have an app that gives real actual value to people. Hours of entertainment and raucous laughter.

Not only is this an ancillary income stream for his company, but it’s also an amazing branding opportunity. With over 100,000 downloads in less than 30 days. That’s 100,000 loyal Snoop Lioners (including me) who are sharing his app all over the internet.

So why was this app so effective? Well, I will admit that Snoop does have an advantage, you know, with the fact that he is SUPER FAMOUS, and anything he touches can be sold for 500 times the market-price. So that definitely helps.

Snoop Dog generated about $200,000 in sales on Branded Virtual Goods… it’s not even real!

How Is Snoopify Monetised?

You don’t have to be famous to launch a successful app. And there are plenty of average-joes’ who prove that point every day. And I think we can all agree that Snoopify is a great app.

The genius way that it’s monetised is through in-app purchases I downloaded the app for free and received 3 pallets of ‘stickers’ with the basic version of the app. Which brought me hours of entertainment.

But 16 Snoopify’s later and I started looking at the additional ‘locked’ pallets of stickers, selling for around about $0.99 per pallet or save $0.99 and buy three pallets in one transaction.

I’m not proud of myself…but I bought 3 pages of stickers.

Effectively, the app gives the user a taste-tester of how the app works. Just enough to get a feel for it. And once you’ve used all the free stickers, you begin to purchase the paid options as well. And all up, Snoop can make up to $13.00 per user.


Why In-App Purchases?

So now you’re probably wondering, why did they go for this revenue model over other ones? Well, looking at today’s trends, Free apps get a tonne more downloads than paid apps. And through analysing user behaviour, we can tweak the app to convert the average user into say, $2 instead of $1.

That way, you can afford to make your app Free to the user, but still get the large user-base and income that you always dreamed of

That wraps this little puppy up. Snoop, we know what you’re doing and we’re on to you !! ;)

Do you have a good app idea? Because…

Now let me turn the spotlight over to you. Firstly, what do you think about the Snoopify app? It’s a free app and is available from Google Play and the App Store if you want to see it.

Secondly, if you have an app idea I’m curious to know, what has been the main thing stopping you from moving forward on development? Is it funding, or a lack of ideas, finding the right app developer? Let me know and I’ll see if I can solve it for you in our next blog.At the end of the day that’s why we’re here!

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