Smarter Ways To Take Tech Products To Market In 2016 | Pollinate Melbourne

Joe Hanna is the Co-Founder and CEO of xLabs, a truly revolutionary eye/gaze and head tracking software that requires only a laptop webcam to collect valuable data.

In this presentation at Pollinate Melbourne: Marketing & PR Recipes For Visionary Startups in June 2016, Joe shared with us smarter ways to take tech products to market in 2016.

In this TEDx style presentation, you’ll learn:

  • How xLabs validated market demand for their first-of-its kind technology
  • The 5 steps to a successful ‘go to market’ strategy
  • Key insights into soft launching tech products and iterating quickly

Don’t miss the next Pollinate Melbourne event: Avoiding Failure From Ideation To Commercialisation, coming up in September!

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