I totally agree that focusing on class alone will not end racism in society.
Brendon Carpenter

I believe these are very well thought out and well meant. I would posit however that most people within our society truly believe discrimination no longer is an issue. In fact a study done had found most white people actually believe discrimination in this country has gotten worse, not for blacks but for whites. In a country in which racial bias and discrimination is prevalent and dangerous this only exasperates that condition. Turning discrimination and racism into a myth even though very real people are living its conditions.

While its true no one is born prejudice. The fact is that there is a prevailing culture of racism and white supremacist attitudes which are supported by everyday people. Most of whom are comfortable in how things are whether that be for better or worse.

These people are the vast majority and consumers of these institutions as well as the workers that make them up. They are both the future entry level person and CEO. They are your neighbors. Point being most media is already geared towards a white audience. Most institutions are more focused on hiring and providing for white faces.

While its true that these institutions and the media can support and amplify these attitudes. For the most part they are not the source of them. Usually their role is to both monetize and validate the attitudes of people who already held these beliefs.

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