content that is never quite satisfied.

The way we talk about content online — particularly on medium — has become a dry paint by numbers husk of what content/writing/word magic can be. Be the malcontent.

In this article I hope to introduce people to a content/writing/word magic that is never satisfied with itself. Symbolic arrays that always ask what else? How can I experiment? How could I be creative? What other ways are there? How can I present an article while still using the fundamentals of useful English that still preserves my voice and style?

I recommend you read/experience this paradigm shift on story

‘Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads…’ write relational, get your narrative DeLorian up to 88 writing to proximity!

Outatime ♾

Time — like writing — can feel like a linear experience.

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Photo by Sebastiano Piazzi on Unsplash

We tend to internalize this buy the ticket take the ride or one way approach to the written word.

But the connections necessary to facilitate any sense of movement in time are actually all over the place in a constant wash between an infinite array of points and lines — connections.

Try thinking about it as you read, where do you drift within the text and where does the text end? From purchase of a book are you thinking about how it’s going to end? Are you setting up expectations, projections, reflections back on similar books or genres? …

#’s and click-bait headings are destroying data integrity and slowly but surely pulling apart the user experience. Is #headline fatigue the new pollution?

Beyond the Headline, Beyond the Hashtag

Hashtags are a wonderful and highly useful ways into information. However, the recent (and ongoing) trend of hashtag everything threatens to make them useless. Tagging for popularity, mining of audience and reach is clogging up the digital airways faster than the backfire to brands that engage in funnelesque unscrupulous practices. Unthoughtful and opportunistic tagging is the pollution of the information age. Unspoken etiquette is often pushed aside in the chase for more. …

Once upon a multiple, unquantifiable time, in an integrated circuit made of millions of transistors and capacitors — a memory controller [now, inside this very machine] told tiny bag-like capacitors that they are either empty (0) or full (1)[1]. But there’s a problem — complication — in a millisecond they become empty, just like human memory, these points need constant re-reading and re-writing. The memory controller runs this spinning-plate cycle thousands of times a second — an array of filled or left empty. …

The dash is an often misunderstood and maligned piece of punctuation.

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The Golden Dash.

An ancient and text-tested piece of sentence hardware, it lives in a share house with the comma in an old suburb of legitimacy and usage.

Friends of the dash — parenthesis, the colon and semi-colon often come around for general misuse and under-appreciation all-nighters.

It has been repressed. The Grammar Lords — have decreed it over-used and locked it up in an awkward prison of censorship…

But with our help it can be FREE!

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An imagined field of freedom for Dash Expression. Kent Pilcher

When utilising the dash —

Think nuanced pauses, finely turned sentences and elegant emphasis while being super casual. A neat weave of observable thought — loosely wrapped in a sentence carrier bag.

Think thought in action on the page.

Think elegant asides that whisper flourish to the eyes yet flow over on the page (no clunky stoppage — keep on page dreaming). Think high design to the mind — illuminating the multi-string weave of topic and relativity present in a sentence. …

An Exercise in Reconnecting Your Breath to the Words That You Write.

(Some Huffing and puffing around words).

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Photo by Victor Garcia

The Breath is Never Too Far Away From Words.

Ask any poet — words live in breath. Thoughts and concepts take shape between the inhales and exhales. Words live in the relief space between respiration, they are carried on breath. They literally are conceptual frames swimming in an ocean of breath.

Is it really so different on the page?

It’s easy to disconnect the breath from words. Breathing calms the mind and centers the self. While words can sometimes seem to fire the mind and throw the self to the four points. …

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Wrangling Ideas With Words & Personal Space

We live and breathe in a molten sea of experience, perception and chemistry. Our senses and field of self walk under a wide sky of dream, imagination and projection.

'We live in strange times.
We also live in strange places: each in a universe of our
own. The people with whom we populate our universes are
the shadows of whole other universes intersecting with our
own. Being able to glance out into this bewildering complexity
of infinite recursion and say things like, `Oh, hi Ed! Nice tan.
How's Carol?' involves a great deal of filtering skill for which
all conscious entities have eventually to develop a capacity in
order to protect themselves from the contemplation of the
chaos through which they seethe and tumble. So give your
kid a break, OK? …

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Once found — all of the power.

Ancient herbal word knowledge

The secret ingredient, the dash done, the stitch in time that saves nine, the factor that fires the exponential updraught. Voice is the inch of ground Goethe talked about.

But what is voice?

Voice is deep and clear, voice is straight talkin’ you.

Voice is essential and not just needed but your full and true essence. Voice is what drives every little scratch of earth that is you.

Voice is definition

But this ephemeral all is a very difficult thing to get a visual on, let alone a grip. Stream of consciousness on what you think you are is a good start. Words with all of the ideas they bring with them can form a scaffold on the infinite to wrangle it in a bit. Throw them down on the page, word after word — what you are, what you want to be, where you are, question the space you are in by throwing these descriptors up on the walls. Define the walls around you by clumps of feeling and expression tied up in sentences. No idea is too crazy no cluster too outrageous because between these ‘shitty first drafts of feeling’ there can be wonder, bright sparkling combinations that break out of the mundane and give a glimpse into some new previously hidden laneway of existence. …


Logan Ramsay

A nexus of words, video and sound — a carrier bag of poetics and theory, working the prism and strings. ⌘

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