Do the Singapore Police have a sense of humour? — Nose-picking puns vs Escobar

Last weekend, the Singapore Police proved that it had a sense of humour with two Facebook “punny” posts. But, were the out-of-character posts due to criticisms over the Escobar incident?

Was the police force trying to prove that it could be funny too?

Escobar Singapore (logo) and Singapore Police Force’s tongue-in-cheek Facebook post

Condemning a local bar named after a Colombian drug lord

Earlier last week, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) had a rough time handling complaints against a local bar. The bar, Escobar, had named its business after the Colombian drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar.

To make matters worse, the Colombian embassy was among the complainants.

Though “Escobar” was an obvious wordplay, the embassy, expat community, and Colombians weren’t amused. This was evident in the bar’s Facebook reviews. Some even compared the narcoterrorist to Hitler because his drug cartel had claimed countless victims.

So, on February 9, both the SPF and CNB (Central Narcotics Bureau) made a joint statement that rebuked the bar for using the Escobar’s name and image in its brand and interior decor. They further decried the bar for glamourising drug-use and resolved to “monitor” the situation.

Naturally, many saw the interference as an overreach, especially when neither agencies had jurisdiction over business name licensing. Why did an obvious marketing pun get such an uptight response?

Chinese New Year theft awareness Facebook puns

Was that why the SPF dropped these SGAG-worthy posts last weekend?

To “prove” its sense of humour?

Both posts — warning would-be pickpockets and thieves in a tongue-in-cheek manner — had over 2,600 and 1,100 shares. They also reminded everyone to watch their belongings amidst the Chinese New Year festivities.

Some people joined in the fun…

Then, of course, you have the people, who live to kill jokes…

So, what do you think?

Considering the SPF’s humourless joint statement to Escobar…

Were its weekend puns a brilliant PR move? Or did they just remind you of “dad jokes”?