20+ Reasons Black Folks Should Have Voted #JillNotHill November 8th
Dr. Amina

In actuality, it’s the progressives deciding not to vote for Hilary that hold the power in this presidential election.

Anyone who receives attention holds power over the interests of those giving them attention.

Right now the Democratic Party is giving all of their attention to the Demexiting progressives, in an effort to try and sway them to vote for Hilary by using a narrative that suggests Demexting progressives will be the cause of a Trump presidency.

“Vote for Hilary or Trump becomes President.”

My background in marketing/psychology gives me quite a bit of perspective when it comes to narratives; and lets me know that this “not voting for Hillary is a vote for Trump” narrative can be comepletely reversed — because those who hold attention always hold power.

Progressives hell bent on #demexit in support of the Green Party candidate can force progressive Hilary supporters to #demexit. Current polls show that Trump is neck to neck with Hilary when it comes to securing enough votes for the Whitehouse. This alone means there’s no true reason to vote for her. People leaving the Democratic Party for the Green Party can use the strength and momentum of their movement to force other progressive Democrats’ hands in migrating to the Green Party this election by twisting the same fear-based argument Hilary supporters are using into:

“There’s no stopping #Demexit. Go Green or Trump becomes president.”

43 million votes will help the Green Party candidate to secure the presidency in a 3 party race. This is completely doable. A Green Party presidency is absolutely realistic; especially with over 40% of the US population being Independent voters.

It’s time for the US to leave the 2 party system for one of multiple parties to slow and/or disrupt the infiltration of political parties by corporate interests.

A prediction… I’m pretty sure one of the tactics that will be used to try and prevent Bernie Sanders supporters from voting for the Green Party candidate will be to encourage them to “write in Bernie’s name,” which will ultimately assist in progressives part of the Demexit movement relinquishing their voting power.

Also be mindful of the possibilities of this coming presidential election being rigged in ways similar to the DNC primaries with a particular focus to hold back 3rd parties. Investigative actions should probably be taken now to see what kind of corruption has and is being planned as we speak for the Presidential Election.