Eight ingredients of successful logo design project

Brand id development process

Bojan Stefanovic
Aug 26, 2016 · 3 min read

1. Initial brief

It all starts here. The more info you give, the more details I will be able to implement. Mandatory for precise quote and timeline. Some key questions look like this:

  • What are your goals and why?

Here is my standard Branding Questionnaire.

2. Research

It usually takes 3–5 days for standard logo design projects. It is a foundation for further steps in project’s life. I try to gather as much information as possible about your company, competitors, market. Main goal is to extract specific word cloud tied in with desired message we wish to portray to your target audience.

3. Brainstorm

This is where I live, eat and dream logos for three days! Essential stuff for every project! Also searching for inspiration both in offline (books, literature) and online world (visual identity inspiration sites). Twenty years of experience in graphic design (of which last ten in brand id development exclusively) give me a bit of edge here :)

4. Sketching

Good ol’ pen and paper! In next two days, the task is to pick all those logo ideas and refine it on paper first. Lately I’ve been experimenting with my new toy, Surface Pro 4 and it’s pen, but, for now, nothing can replace the smooth feel of the paper from Behance Dot Grid Book.

5. Rendering

And off to production. In next two days, my weapon of choice is Adobe Illustrator — with an ultimate goal — to perfect your new identity!

6. Presentation

The last project day is reserved for fine tuning pdf/jpg presentation for your eyes only. For larger projects sometimes I include video/animation to better explain the idea/thinking process.

7. Revision

This period is reserved for discussing and implementing adjustments from your feedback if we agree those are necessary. Although number of rounds is not set in stone, from my experience, anything beyond third round is pointless, it just means something went wrong from beginning — we need to rethink the strategy/direction then, poor Adobe Illustrator cannot fill that gap for sure :)

8. Delivery

Hooray! We have a winner! Preparing digital files as per your needs: ai, eps, pdf, jpg, png, psd, you name it :) Depending on the scale and budget of the project file package may include logo specification sheet (logo usage, color and typography), visual identity style guide or an ultimate brand book. Of course, this does not end here — I always offer continuing support for every issue/new task you require in future brand id development, be it designing additional collateral, applying branding guidelines to social network accounts, art directing your new campaign or helping with ui/ux or web site development.

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