How Can We Achieve Age Diversity in Silicon Valley?
Steven Levy

Can an older worker sustain regular crunch times? It doesn't seem like it is a problem of diversity, but a problem of how many hours one is willing to clock in the business… a business which is not, and will never be the worker’s. The older cohort among you work for themselves, and in a “leveraged” fashion (which is codespeak for taking the decisions while others de the legwork).

Those tech unicorns also coalesced to avoid wage competition, and once tried they got away with paying a pittance. I'm under the impression that the older cohort, who saw similar behaviours in the rising giants of the past, was never considered as the workforce target. It's much better to capture naïve young fellows who value themselves on what they can buy and offer them decently paid jobs with ridiculous effective workweeks. Older people value their time very differently.

Will the next wave of tech companies also get away with conning the cohort of today’s teenagers, or will the lesson have been learnt by then?