My engagement history

I met Tetiana more than a year ago and I was going to propose this weekend. I thought one of the most romantic places on earth is Paris, so I booked tickets and AirBnB, took a day off and was going to surprize her.

I prepared all the documents and…

forgot them in Berlin.

So an hour before a flight I realized I will not be allowed to enter the plane. Shame on me, but life goes on, so we went to Zakopane.

(For those, who are not from Poland — it’s a ski resort)

Snowy mountains and gorgeous views. What can be better?

We made sure the mountains are actually snowy and started our journey.

But the weather forecast was hardly reliable.

So we changed our plans and decided to go climbing. There is a mountain called Kasprowy Wierch. It’s height is 1959m above the sea level and the border with Slovakia goes through it. Did you ever think about proposing having one feet in one country and another in a different one?

When we arrived there we figured out that the cableway was closed because of the strong wind. But we can just walk there! It’s only 3 hours and 6 kilometers.

During the next 2 hours we met 6 groups of people going down. They all (except one) didn’t made it to the top because of an extremely strong wind. The one that did it seemed to be very frightened.

But we already passed like 80% of the road! Suddenly the trees ended and later even bushes dissapeared. The wind got stronger and…

We started to bend down to the ground, but the wind was so strong, it was able to knock me off my feet.

When there was only 350 meters left, we decided to return, because our speed felt to ~50m/20min and it was almost dark.

So I proposed there.

It was romanic and weird and challenging at the same time. That’s how I would like to live my life.

I got my ‘YES!’

and we headed down.

It was even harder, because the wind became stronger and it was dark already.

But everything is OK, and now we have a lot of emotions and awesome memories from this day.