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Logyc Co.
Logyc Co.
Sep 17, 2017 · 3 min read

During the digitization process, most of the knowledge is lost, and it is nearly impossible to re-capture the lost knowledge using existing data alone. Often, the input of an individual familiar with the situation is required to understand the context surrounding the data. The ability to go beyond existing data and capture implied knowledge significantly improves the performance of the machine learning systems.

Knowledge Loss Funnel:

Source: Logyc

Today, intelligent systems are designed and built by engineers and data scientists. Statistically significant relationships and patterns are revealed and used to create an information model. Then the model is improved by a learning iteration cycle between data scientists and domain experts. In which, the domain expert educates data scientists on how different variables affect the outcome, while data science adapt the rules to consider the new information; and the results are provided back to the domain experts for review. That iteration cycle is long and tedious, and costs organizations millions of dollars.

Source: Logyc

Logyc’s human-augmented machine learning technology revolutionizes the traditional learning cycle. Logyc’s AI is trained to reveal the anomalies in data and then identify the most qualified individuals available to compensate for the knowledge gaps. Domain experts or qualified employees are then able to improve the intelligent system, without the help of data scientists, by identifying which variables affected the outcome that the AI system was not considering and creating rules surrounding those new inputs.

Source: Logyc

Data Scientists’ role changes from spending the time to do data preparation, which often takes up to 80% of their time, to focusing on data simulations and scalability. Reducing the costs to the companies while significantly accelerating the learning cycle.

Data preparation accounts for about 80% of the current work of data scientists:

Source: Forbes

By leveraging the available knowledge beyond the existing data, companies can improve the performance of their intelligent systems. More importantly, they can focus on improving business outcomes with the help of intelligent systems, rather than investing in technology without seeing ROI.

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