When you need Courage Camp

There’s disagreement about how many careers we’ll have in a lifetime. Some say seven, others 10. No one really knows.

What I do know from having lived a cat’s seven career lives — or is it nine? — is that big changes are thrilling, except for those frustrating and sometimes dark transition times.
You know, those periods when you know it’s time to grow into something new but you get stuck. Doubting whether it’s possible. Worrying you might be making the wrong decision, hurting your hard-earned reputation, throwing financial stability out the window.

And especially this: Wishing that a fairy godmother might just swoop in and magically take you from now to the perfect tomorrow.
From my own stuck periods, interviewing hundreds of courageous leaders, and delving deep into positive psychology and resilience research, I’ve learned there ARE ways to more quickly go from “it’s time to move” to “Yes, I’m loving this new role/world. Hallelujah.”

But there’s no formula. If only.

In August I’m hosting an intimate, two-day leadership retreat — Courage Camp — at Mt. Hope Farm in Bristol, RI, to help people get from “now” to “next.”

Because we can’t just wish things to change or do the superficial networking. Nor are we being fair to ourselves to do a “sort of/kind of” change when our souls are yearning for something much different.

We’ll be gathering in a historic Adirondack lodge at the water’s edge (No PowerPoints!!), and guiding people through exercises, talks and conversations so that they are able to:

  • Reflect on their unique strengths, pattern of success and innate wisdom.
  • Get clear on their true aspirations and acknowledge what they need to let go of.
  • Gain an understanding of how to use discomfort and uncertainty in productive ways.
  • Learn practices and habits that develop the necessary courage and resiliency to step into new possibilities.

If you know anyone who might benefit from this special program, I would appreciate you forwarding this to them. No one should be stuck in limbo too long.
And if you’re in that place where “More” or “Different” are calling you, please consider joining us.
 Here is a link to Courage Camp, which explains more about the program, and here is the registration information.

BTW: Courage is not just bravery. The social psychologists have found that courage is comprised of honesty, perseverance, vitality and bravery, and all of us innately have these traits.

But we have to create habits to strengthen these traits and make them work for us.

There will be no silly rope climbing or squirt gun fights at Courage Camp. There will be a whole lot of insights and ideas on building your courage muscles so you can move from one career to the next with more ease, more confidence and a spirit of adventure vs. dread.

And good music, of course.