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Ha! First off, you do realize that the military is barely majority white these days? And we all know how racial minorities feel about conservatives. And that percentage is only growing. Oh, and by the by, polls of the military’s voting patterns tend over sample the white vote (and tend to over sample older voters as well). If you do a demographically representative survey it turns out that the military is pretty much identical to the national vote. Oh, and they’re even less likely to identify as Republican than the population as a whole.

And the fact that you are the gun nuts means you are the first to die in pretty much any situation that involves active combat. You might have fantasies about your glorious rebellion, but the truth is you’ll piss your pants in fear and then die in a hail of gunfire the moment you step out of line. You’ll find out pretty quickly that life isn’t an open carry protest organized by the NRA.

we are the government!

Now I thought your major complaint was that you weren’t the government? Yada, yada, yada unelected bureaucrats and all that nonsense? But anywho, conservatives used the fact that our governmental system prioritizes geography over people to game the system so they can regularly win despite being a shrinking minority. Don’t ever think that your minority status equals majority support.

we are your worst fucking nightmare!

Nah, you’re pathetic and stupid children who get coddled by, well, everyone. You are a minority who can only win through gaming the system and rules lawyering. You have delusions of grandeur, particularly somehow that you can both be openly treasonous and yet still have the support of the military. And lastly, you aren’t smart.

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