Started out well, went completely off the rails during the gamergate discussion.
Madison Thorne Maze

“ This is why Hillary isn’t demonize for naming and shaming. She should be. Anyone should. Name calling is toxic, period.”

Or sometimes it is simply being accurate. If you can’t call Nazis deplorable you have already lost the battle.

“ Seek first to understand, then to be understood. If you find your writing is moving towards collectively calling a group a bad name, you have failed, and you are the problem.”

Or, possibly, you do understand them. Understand them perfectly. There is nothing I don’t particularly understand about the cesspools that these people come from. Be they pick up artists, or gamergaters, or mens rights advocates, or the Nazis. There isn’t some hidden esoteric layer to them, if anything it is all inch deep surface and, in most cases, they will tell you their motivations up front. Even the appeal isn’t particularly hard to understand, in virtually all cases they were white men who were looking for some social bonding and found it in groups that promoted masculine bonding which eventually pushed them to Nazism (in its most extreme form).

And yeah, they deserve a bad name. At the very least they deserve to be called “fools” for falling for it.

“ If we want unity, which we do, we need to love each other.”

Sorry, we can’t have unity. You can’t unify women with misogynists, people of color with racists, and LGBT people with homophobes. You have to prioritize one or the other. And decent people know who gets priority.

“ People are sad and hurting. We need to deal with that. This article seems to call those poor guys losers…often. Well that is the sad part of this article. They are not losers. They are humans.”

They are losers. That’s the whole point. They are losers who are lashing out in hate and anger, thus making everyone else around them lives miserable. They can only fall so far economically and socially, and so they are determined to make people far more weak and vulnerable than they are suffer.