He’s not wrong, but he understates the rage that would manifest itself.
Jerry Jennings

Wow, this is at every stage, delusional. First off, no one prospered more under Trump than the urban dwelling elites. His cabinet is packed with millionaires and billionaires, most of whom are directly tied to Wall Street. The very fact that you can say, “America would be done, transmuted into just another totalitarian state now openly ruled by urban elites” without realizing that the current administration is the single most elitist in history demonstrates a lack of critical thinking skills.

There will be SERIOUS bloodshed — count on it.

There likely will. And it will be those rural idiots with their gun fetishes who get slaughtered. Since you brought it up the only reason the Bundy’s got out of there alive is because our government was playing nice with them (too nice). They could have been killed with a drone easily enough. Remember Waco? Four government agents died, and 76 cult members died. And again, the government was playing nice with them.

assuming the National Guard or Armed forces would follow orders to kill other Americans

The armed forces aren’t going to look too kindly on traitors. And a Civil War style rebellion isn’t even really possible any more. There isn’t anything resembling a state militia any more, and service men and women are shuffled around all over the country (and world), rather than residing by their childhood homes. So no one is going to seizing forts or weapons to use for rebellion now.

On the other hand, urbanites without food might invade the countryside by the parasite welfare class — to be shot by angry rural dwellers.

Ha! This is just silly. 85% of the economy is tied up in those cities, by those urbanites. The cities are the makers and the rural dwellers are the takers. They’re the actual parasitic class. If the people living in rural areas decided to go into rebellion, the cities would do just fine. They probably would not even notice. But that wonderful small town America would instantly go into recession, and then depression, and then it would be dead with its denizens begging the cities for their scraps (which, again, they already basically do). Oh, and welfare is mostly spent on food, so it actually is directly subsidizing any rural person working in the farm industry. You’ve managed to disparage the agriculture industry’s biggest client.

Nah…they aren’t that smart, and can’t live without their accustomed perks, privileges, and power even for a short period of time.

Once again, I have to ask… have you ever even seen Trump and his cabinet? They are the very definition of of “perks, privileges, and power.” His wife isn’t even living in the White House because she wants to live in a Manhattan penthouse.

He has an almost mystical bond with his supporters, and there are tens of millions of them. They will not abandon him no matter what.

And they are vastly outnumbered by anti-Trump people.

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