31 Days of Trans Visibility

Day 15

Day 15: Talk about social media and online gaming. How have people reacted to your being trans online?

I’ve been lucky enough to have had pretty good reactions from folk online. A large majority of my friends are people I know through the internet, and they have all been supremely supportive and caring. To date, I’ve only had one person attempt to give my any grief over being trans, and, honestly, he didn’t even do it very well. He tweeted out a couple of hashtags saying “transgenderism is a mental illness” and “you’re not special”, and just at’ed me at the end of the tweet. He later went on to delete the tweet, but, regardless, I just blocked him and haven’t received any other grief. It could possibly be that I’m just not well known enough to have strangers harass me online.
As far as online gaming goes, I don’t really play co-op only games. Most often, I prefer to play single player games, or games where I don’t have to jump into the vast internet and connect with anyone who happens to be on in order to play. I enjoy co-oping with my partners and friends, but I usually don’t want to play with strangers. The closest I get to playing with strangers, is playing Hearthstone, and in that game, I don’t really have to interact with the people against whom I’m playing.

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