31 Days of Trans Visibility

Day 26

Day 26: Talk about role models. Who are your role models? How have they influenced you?

I’m not entirely sure if I have role models in a traditional sense. I have ideas about what it means to be a good person, and I have examples in my life of the kind of man I want to be, but I can’t really say that I try to model myself after anyone specifically. I don’t really look up to or admire a whole lot of people, I’m more interested in ideas and concepts. I think some people are doing really awesome things; Aydian Dowling’s doing some really awesome things with his YouTube channel and Point of Pride, Jamie Raines has been someone to look up to, again with his YouTube channel and his new project This Is Me. And, of course, there are quite a few men in my personal life to whom I look up. My partners provide me excellent examples of kind, caring, generous, creative, and intelligent men. I also have excellent examples of strength and pride in all of the trans man friends and siblings I have. And though my relationship with my family is strained, my dad did teach me to be calm and understanding in times of stress, as well as how to defend myself, and my grandpa taught me to not take shit from anyone. I’ve been lucky enough to have wonderful examples of men throughout my life, even if things aren’t always good.

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