31 Days of Trans Visibility

Day 11

Day 11: Talk about expression and presentation. Do you present as your identified gender? Do you use cosmetics? Do you use scented products? Do you wear jewelry or other accessories? Which rack do most of your clothes come off of? Do you take any special measures with regard to body, facial, or head hair? Have you faced any particular challenges related to your gender expression or presentation?

I describe my current style as “teenage nerd boy”, but I’m trying to branch it out to more things. I have a few cardigans and am trying out some casual button up shirts. I run into a few problems with clothing, though, because of my body type. Not only am I very short for a guy (5'3"/160cm), but I have a bit more hips than your average guy, and fairly broad chest. My inseam is only 29", but my hips are about 40" and my thighs are about 25", so finding jeans that fit all of those measurements comfortably is a bit of a struggle; I usually end up buying loose fit jeans.
Oddly, dress pants are a lot easier to shop for. I can almost always fine 29" inseam with a 34" waist, which fits my thighs and hips very comfortably. Dress shirts, are a little more difficult. My sleeve length is only about 21", and finding shirts that fit my chest, neck, and waist, usually means my sleeves are a good few inches too long. This also plays into finding blazers and nice coats, I’m a little bit too large to shop in the kids’ section, but too small for the men’s section. Shoes, though, I do have to buy in the kids’ section, which generally translates to me buying cheaper shoes, and I still buy women’s socks, because of my small feet and larger calves.
Honestly, I’m still trying to figure out my style. I would like to branch out and try more things, but I don’t know much of what I like or what looks good on me, outside of jeans and graphic tees. I also tend to be mostly boring, preferring dark colors and no flashy patterns. The few times I get really extravagant are my underwear and my socks, which not a whole lot of people see. I’m fairly open to trying new things, but I do feel like I have a more simplistic style.

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