Patreon Page

I just created a Patreon page for myself, to help me afford some living expenses, mainly related to my transgender health care, and a few splurges to help me out with my photography, such as a subscription to Adobe Lightroom and some new lenses. As a patron, you’ll get firsthand access to my Medium articles, companion Youtube videos, and photography. If you wanna help out, that’s awesome, and I greatly appreciate it, but I will still be putting everything out on Medium, Youtube, and Flickr for free.
I’m also going to be cross posting things more, so you’ll see some of my photography on Medium and in my weekly testosterone changes blog, I’ll link out to my companion Youtube video. Anything helps, and I greatly appreciate it all, but I do want to continue keeping things free as to allow access to other trans and gender non-conforming folk to follow my journey and hopefully provide some inspiration.

Thank you for subscribing to my Medium, and allowing for me to share my journey with you.

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