Week 02 on Testosterone

A journal of noticed changes

Taken Wednesday, February 15th, 2017. One day after my second Testosterone Injection

On February 7th, 2017 I officially started testosterone injections. This series will be rather short entries with a summarization of the changes I’ve noticed thus far and a picture of at least my face to track some of the physical changes photographically.

While I still feel warmer on a whole, I have noticed that I’m also experiencing hot flashes. At various times I will feel incredibly warm, even when it’s relatively chilly. I’m also able to stay warm better; usually the first few moments under a blanket are spent slightly shivering as I try to warm up the fabric and air around me. Now I start feeling warmer when I put the blanket on.

Still don’t need to use facial moisturizer, but I still need lotion sometimes on my hands and arms. I also don’t feel excessively oily on my face yet.

I definitely smell like a guy now.

My energy levels seem to fluctuate. Sometimes I’m feeling really ready for anything, and others it’s difficult for me to get moving.

My appetite has also increased a bit. I’m not able to eat more in single sittings, but I am getting hungry more frequently.

When I’m upset, I’m slightly more irritable than usual. Pretty used to controlling my own irritability, though, so it hasn’t been an issue.

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