Week 04 on Testosterone

A journal of noticed changes.

Taken Wednesday, March 1st, 2017. One day after my 4th testosterone injection.

On February 7th, 2017 I officially started testosterone injections. This series will be rather short entries with a summarization of the changes I’ve noticed thus far and a picture of at least my face to track some of the physical changes photographically.

This week, I was incredibly sleepy on shot day, and my legs somewhat achey all day. Achey legs could possibly be attributed to the large amounts of naps I took that day. I spent a lot of time in bed.

Still increasingly hungry, but I’m beginning to eat more in single sittings.

My skin is actually increasing in oiliness, as well.

This week was pretty good, overall. Quite a bit of tiredness, but also some antsy need to get out and move stuff, and a lot of “damn, I’m really hungry.” Looking forward to the coming changes.

Below is a comparison of my face for the first four weeks of Hormone Replacement Therapy. Some folk have said they can see the changes already. One of my partner’s partner said that she has noticed the changes in my arms, and I think I’m beginning to see some subtle changes in the musculature of my calves. Maybe some more leg hair, as well? Not 100% certain.

There’s a TMI section below the picture, so fair warning! If you don’t want to read super personal details, then stop at the picture.

Comparison shot of the first four weeks on testosterone.

Shark Week was still a thing. It was about normal, heavier on the first two days, then lighter on the next two days. Only difference was that I spotted for about three or four days afterwards, which was somewhat annoying.

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