Week 05 on Testosterone

A journal of noticed changes.

Taken Wednesday, March 8th, 2017. One day after my 5th testosterone injection

On February 7th, 2017 I officially started testosterone injections. This series will be rather short entries with a summarization of the changes I’ve noticed thus far and a picture of at least my face to track some of the physical changes photographically.

This week, I was incredibly sleepy on shot day. It was very difficult to get moving in the morning, but I felt infinitely better after my shot. I noticed my energy levels increase after shot day, and trend towards more energy throughout the week.

The day before shot day, I was very anxious and bordering on depressed. This could also have been due to some external factors, though. I was housesitting for one of my partners while he was on vacation, and was pretty isolated for the whole week. After shot day, I got out and spent some more time in the sun, and started feeling better. I also had a potential family situation arise, which I will not go into fully, but ended up being fine. But, the time spent alone and stressing about that, certainly did not help my mood.

This week, I also noticed that the fat and muscle layer around my hips and thighs are shifting. My hips are now much less rounded, and a bit more straight down from the iliac crest to the tops of my thighs. I think I have also lost a bit of fat around my thighs; the feel much more firm than previous, and are measuring in at about 24" instead of 25". I don’t really have a “before” picture for comparison, but I can say that I am definitely noticing a change.

I also think that the fat and muscle layer in my arms is changing. My biceps feel much firmer and I don’t notice much fat along my triceps as was there previous.

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