Week 07 on Testosterone

A journal of noticed changes.

Taken Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017. One day after my 7th testosterone injection.

On February 7th, 2017 I officially started testosterone injections. This series will be rather short entries with a summarization of the changes I’ve noticed thus far and a picture of at least my face to track some of the physical changes photographically.

I’m really starting to see a more masculine presentation in my face. It’s not always there, but I can see it a lot more often than I used to. I’m not certain how well it comes across in pictures, but I definitely see it more often as I look in the mirror. Sometimes I get taken aback a little, because it’s still so refreshing.

On a similar note, it feels like there’s more hair on my lip, and that my facial hair is growing back faster. It’s a little bit coarser and a little bit thicker. It’s still not worth attempting to grow out, so I’ll continue to shave every few days, but it’s definitely there.

I definitely have more hair on my calves. It used to be pretty patchy on the outside of my calves, especially on the upper portion. It’s been growing in pretty well. Still pretty hairless on my thighs, though, and the hair on my arms hasn’t got any more noticeable. No real hair on my torso to speak of.

I’m having some more issues with jaw clenching. It happens a lot while I’m sleeping, but I will notice that I’m doing it randomly throughout the day. Considering adding magnesium supplements in my diet. Maybe I’m just not getting enough? I’m not sure.

I had labs taken on the 21st! I will hopefully know within the next two weeks what my testosterone levels are. I have an appointment coming up soon to go over my results and let me know if we need to increase the dose or not.

I got sir’d on the phone for the first time! I was making a call for work and, at the end of the call, the person on the other line called me “sir”! It was really exciting for me, since that’s the first time that’s happened. My throat has also been a little bit more scratchy and irritated this week. Not sure if that’s my voice lowering or if it’s because of seasonal allergies.

I’ve been lucky enough to not have any issues with acne yet. I think some of this has to do with the fact that I sort of killed my sebaceous glands during water polo and swimming in high school. I spent a whole lot of time in the pool, in chlorine, and it really just destroyed my skin; I never had to use lotion until I started doing water polo and swimming. Since starting on testosterone, my skin has become much more oily than it had been, but it’s not excessively so; I kind of feel like I just fixed the damage I’d done to my skin in high school. But, that could change over time, and maybe if my dose needs to be raised, it will affect that.

Below the cut is some VERY PERSONAL information! If you don’t want to read it, feel free to stop reading!

I started packing every once in a while, and I’m actually kind of surprised at how comfortable it makes me feel. I had never really thought that it would, but decided to try it out on a whim. I think it might feel a bit better if I had a proper harness instead of just using a jock strap. I also think I got a packer that was just a little bit too big. Getting a proper harness and using a smaller size is on my to-do list next.

I was supposed to start shark week on the 22nd and haven’t seen anything yet. I’m hoping this means that it’s gone completely, instead of just late. Fingers crossed!

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