Week 14 on Testosterone

A journal of noticed changes

Picture taken Wednesday, May 10th, one day after my 14th testosterone injection.

On February 7th, 2017 I officially started testosterone injections. This series will be rather short entries with a summarization of the changes I’ve noticed thus far and a picture of at least my face to track some of the physical changes photographically.

I sent in my request to get my name and gender change stuff started. It’s currently in the Medical Social Worker’s hands, as she prepares my letter. Looks like this should hopefully be happening very soon! Fingers crossed I get the financial waiver, as well, and don’t have to pay the $500 to get everything done.

In continuing trends, my neck and chin are still breaking out a bit, but not quite as bad now. It’s more of a small annoyance. I am definitely noticing some more facial hair, and am really just excited to see all of that come in fully. I’m also noticing some more hair growth on my thighs, and possibly even a little bit on my stomach. I have not been told about any hair on my back, and I can’t really see it on my own, so I’m not sure if that’s been affected yet.

I’m also continuing to see much more of a masculine shape to my face. It’s really quite something to finally be able to see yourself in the mirror and think you look at least halfway attractive.

On Saturday, I went out to dinner with my parents for Mother’s day. I was misgendered once, but it seemed like my mom tried to make up for it, but not quite by using masculine pronouns. There was very little trouble during the dinner, and overall everything was pretty nice.

I feel like the testosterone is aping up to do something big again, I spent quite a bit of time this past week being very hungry, tired, and sexually frustrated by simple existence. One of the rougher parts of testosterone has been the increase on my sex drive; mostly because my sex drive has always been really high, and increasing it makes things quite interesting for me.

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