What makes a person choose to give up? Listening to a great sales coach (Grant Cardone) he mentioned that some people are corrupted from a young age. That they are taught to settle for less. Living life without direction, drive or intent.

What makes success an achievable goal is the self determination that you can and do have the ability, the mental capacity to do things. To create a mental map of the activities that you need to do, to carry them out.

That infamous bucket list should not be a dream, but the physical and visual management of your current and future destinations. Think big. Plan out two goals. One is the large one that you dream about. Number two is a smaller one. The goal that will get things moving.

Look into yourself. What ideally do you want to do with your time and destiny? Now. Not what you hope will happen, but what you want to make happen. You have to decide.

We all are standing on a platform of our own self worth. You have to decide if you will speak up so that those around you know you? Or will you step down? Hide? As Grant Cardone mentioned: are you one of those people out and about already corrupted? Did you give up before you tried?

Dreaming is great, doing is better. Stand up and keep standing up. Practice the art of persistence. Nobody ever perfected their craft without hitting a few bumps along the way.

Not a single over achiever. Not one, will ever tell you that they achieved within the first few tries. The secret is to keep trying. Strength is in reaching out to get something done and keep trying.

Eventually you will have the process so accurately ingrained that it will become second nature. That means that you will progress faster. Even when you make a mistake you will restart and get to that point that much faster.

So the question is: are you ready cut off the source of insecurity and start mapping out the road you want to take? Not the one foretold for you, but the one you want to take? Or better yet, the one you made for yourself.

Are you ready to be your own biggest fan. Believe in yourself.

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