Thoughts about bacon

So I’m thinking that pre-cooked bacon is probably something that I really should start investing in. Is it twice the price of regular bacon? Yep. But this morning I made my usual batch of regular bacon and started having second thoughts. I cook a whole package about once a week and then reheat and eat two pieces a day for breakfast with two eggs (Please don’t judge and don’t tell me I need variety — I like bacon and eggs every single day. I’m not a sugar in the morning kind of person.)

The cooking part was unpleasant. I cook it on an electric skillet that is basically falling apart. I dropped it so many times on my hard tile kitchen floor in the last house we lived in that one of the handles just swings in pieces, held on by the screws. The grease-catching tray has chunks missing from the handle you pull it out with. But the sucker still works and I can cook ten pieces of bacon at a time. So I set this bad boy on glass cutting boards, on top of the stove grilles, turn on the exhaust fan and start cooking. Grease spattering everywhere — on my arms when I turn the stuff, causing me to jerk back every couple of seconds. And all over the stove, even though I’m not actually cooking with the stove. The grease just gets everywhere. Bacon cooking is messy business.

So I cook the bacon and eggs, eat my breakfast and I’m happy.

Until I start the process of cleaning up. Clean the grease off the stove. The grilles. Underneath the grilles. The counter where it splattered. A little on the floor. Oh, yeah. And when I moved the electric skillet over to the sink, I forgot to remove the grease-catching tray underneath. Of course that spilled on the counter where it was sitting and the counter where I moved it to, and it dripped from the counter to the floor over there. Gotta clean that up. 
The stove has these trays under the grilles, to help… what? Keep the mess off the stove? So I now have to clean the trays AND the stove? I’m trying to figure out what sense this makes.

So after all this cleaning, as I stand on a grease-slippery floor, realizing that I spent about an hour in simply making bacon today, I think I’ll be looking into the pre-cooked stuff on my next trip to the grocery store. Would I be willing to pay someone else the extra $2.50 to mess up their kitchen and deal with all this mess? Hell yes! 
Except I’ve never actually eaten pre-cooked bacon before, and I’m betting that the taste will send me back to my stove and clean-up routine. What’s more important? My time or how my food tastes? And this, I’m suspecting, is one of the reasons we Americans eat badly. We’re too damn busy and stuff is too damn convenient. Ain’t nobody got time for this! We have very important web-surfing and social media posting to do! Right?