Once Upon a Time

I wake and fall asleep to your fingertips. You feed my soul with stardust and eggs on toast in the mornings. I’d marry you, I say. Let’s go now, you’d say. We smile from across the table you built out of my two desks that we destroyed. Destruction in order to create, you’d say. I smile in response. I hate to say it but you make me feel complete. You were always complete, you’d say, but we make a pretty pair. We harmonize well, I’d say. You run your fingers through my hair. You smell like the earth, like dirt. Sweet earth, your body is perfect and I covet it. Mine, I’d say. I bury my head where your shoulder meets your neck. Plant kisses on your soft skin. You roughly grab a fistful of my hair and kiss me softly. I melt into your touch. Touch me again, I think. I think I miss you, I say. You’re on the phone now. New York in the summertime. Too hot, come home, I’d say. It’s beautiful here, you should come up, you’d say. I can’t, would that I could. The hotel, you’d say. I sob so quietly that I hope you don’t hear but I know you can sense. Trust me, you’d say, it will work this time. I trust you.

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