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You published your “opinion piece” in a public forum. That forum has comments. Ergo, you invited commentary on your piece.

I don’t know you, but I did comment on your article. I simply told you that, whatever you were at birth — male or female — XX or XY — you are that gender/sex today. Gender & sex are the same darn thing, and in complex species like humans, they cannot be changed by any means…certainly not by clothing or hairstyles or makeup.

Of course it has something to do with me, because I live in this society too and I have an interest in it being a decent, humane society for my children and grandchildren in the future. And it won’t be, if people with gender dysphoria are permitted to determine our laws and morality, and impose their own mental problems on the rest of us.

That is why I work tirelessly for a “Truth in Gender” law that will make it the law of the land to have all public documents (like passports, driver’s licenses, birth certificates, etc.) state your correct biological identity. Of course, you are still entirely free to call yourself “Morgan” and wear a dress, or grow a mustache. Just don’t try to force me to call a man a woman, or a woman a man. That’s silly, and I won’t do it.

End of story.

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