Postcards From Mother

You should know something about our world since you didn’t stay. Here, we celebrate birthday milestones for children. So every ten years, I will write you on your birthday, imagine the good things you are enjoying and insinuate silly scenarios, hoping they will make you laugh. Every time you get my message, know that our world is evolving and that I still think you are the sparkle it would have needed. How are you? I hope you’ve been keeping your appointments with God even when you didn’t keep mine.

What color has your skin changed to? You only showed us green and yellow before leaving. Have you added more colors to the bank? Speaking of banks, I hope you’re saving for the rainy day? Are you the one that everyone calls rainbow just after it rains? It must be you. I know the colors were scary for us the last time we saw. Everyone feared it was death — and it was — but please do not stop being colorful, you beautiful, shine-shine-bobo boy.

Let me guess what you will look like. Before that, remind God that I respect my elders, so tell him I said hello and thank you. I’m not sure I have said enough in my five daily prayers and I don’t think they will ever be enough. Tell him I said I’m really grateful for the gold he laid for me on earth and the platter he sets for you in heaven. That though you can be quite mischievous, I’m grateful he has opened his garden and its juicy fruits to you.

From my guess, you will be looking as fresh as an otutupoyoyo since the food you guys take up there is way more nourishing (No, I’m not beefing. Our Jollof rice is the bomb here too, so..). Your hair will be black, not golden brown like mine (taking all of your father’s hair had to be justifiable). You will have a very distinct smile, pink lips with a hint of black because, I want it that way, I’m an African mother and you will do what I want. You will be well built with a 6"2 height, how else will those babes swoon over you?

Happy thirtieth birthday darling boy! Keep the sparkles on!

Akobi: First born, Otutupoyoyo: slang for a really fair skinned person