Breaking Through Writer’s Block

Blank blank blank, I want to blank blank. If you are a writer, you can definitely relate to this. Every writer has at some point, suffered from writer’s block. It’s irritating, annoying and a total abuse of mental rights. The government should find cure to it. LOL. Let’s just admit it, it is no different from been sick. Then you have to call in saying “hey bob, I can’t think of a single reason to come in today”. Guess what? I have good news for you. The writer’s block has a freaking cure! Remember those days when you are in an exam hall and have absolutely no idea of what to write? Check out these cool as old as your panties tricks:

· Block The Block!

The ultimate way to cure the writer’s block is to block whatever you are writing on. Ignore the monotony. As an overachiever, whenever I think too much of a problem, I would have slim to no chance of ever solving them, at all. Imagine you are standing on a thin sheet of ice which is about to break. You could actually feel the ice in your head melting off. You just have to sit back, relax and let your imagination do the rest.

· Movie Freakazonia

Freaks are freaks of nature, the misfits, which is why we love them. They make the world go square, so life seems a bit fairer than it actually is. If you love writing, then you are a freak team player. Just imbibe yourself in a horror movie here, a romantic movie there. If you are the mopey sort, then I’d recommend Korean and Philippine telenovelas to you. You would probably not thank me for it, but thumbs up for trying.

· Music Festival

Seriously and honestly, a little music won’t kill you. It would most definitely not give you a runny stomach. What it would give you is a chance to escape from the reality of deadlines. You can go for the Bob Marleys and Celine Dions, or just go right ahead into hardcore songs. You would be shocked to discover that your best ideas come when you are listening to your favorite music. I for one tend to fantasize which has led to lots of ground breaking ideas plus ridiculously unheard of dance moves.

· Talk To Daddy

Two dollars are better than one. You know why. Call someone who has always got your back. Get your mind off the gutter, ’cos thou shall not call your bae. Maybe what you need at that point is a little comradeship. “The scratch my back I will pinch yours” would definitely get your brain and mind back on the fast track, where it belongs.

· Shutdown Please

Low battery shut the hell down. If any of the above techniques do not work. Please shut down. Phones have the decency of turning off when it has no power to perform on its own. You don’t have superhuman abilities, so don’t burn yourself out. You definitely do not want to get cranky like, what was that dude’s name again, The Grinch. No one likes a Grinch, so you had better turn in to bed like the good child you are. You would wake up refreshed, and optimistically cured of your “illness”

I hope you found this article useful. You can tell me what you think in the comments box below. A little brainstorming session with me and other readers/writers is a great idea, don’t you think?