Major Tom to Ground Control: “I am scared”
Richard Bagdonas

If only I could hear anything they played during my MRIs (yes, plural)! I just start to enjoy the music, (if they have David Bowie, or anything besides a classical music radio station), and then it’s one hour+ of BANG-THUD-CRASH-CRASH.

It’s like having machine guns firing around you, non-stop, at deafening levels. (Mum agrees.)

Although, I believe Australia has some rather outdated MRI technology, so that might be why you got to hear the music! It’s never like it is on TV. The MRI machines on ‘House’ are SO much bigger (and quieter), than they are in reality!

Do they actually let you specify an artist? Or can you bring in your own CD?

Here, it’s just “Put the earplugs on, it’ll get very loud, so we’ll have the radio loud also. Unless you don’t want the radio.” My requests are often answered with: “No, we don’t have rock/pop music, but you can have classical, or talkback radio.” (Yay, 1.5hrs of Tchaikovsky! Boo, it’ll be interrupted by horrendously loud “machine-gun-type noises”)


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