African Children: Oppression Through Inferior Education.

6 year old children sat on their desks along Mbagathi road. Someone had demolished their school. In a country where school lands can be easily exploited by well connected individuals. The sight of the little ones seated on the road is not new. In December 23, 2015 the Star Newspaper reported that Nairobi Primary School had their land hived off and a perimeter wall had been erected. While Lavington Primary School had one of its gates demolished. In 2014 children from Langata Primary protested against illegal encroachment into their school lands.

Illegal allocation of land is not new. It would be premature to speculate that the demolition of Kenyatta Golf Course Academy is due to land grabbing. But who would have the nerve to demolish a school? And why? When we reflect on the image of the little ones, seated on the road holding road users captive to the creation of someone else’s doing. What happens when African children are pushed to the edge? What happens when they rise up and raise their voices?

African children rising is not new. One historic incident would be the Soweto Uprising that took place in 16th June 1976. The children from Sowetan Schools were protesting the introduction of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in African schools. The students stood up against the policies of the Apartheid government that sought to oppress them through inferior education.

The only time the African children have stood up is when their education is tampered. When African children rise, they rise because they are affected. The little protests by Kenyan children spread out across the entire country proves that Kenyan children feel their education is being tampered with. They feel someone is trying to confine them to a world of second class citizenship and poverty. When we deem our children’s education as inferior. They will sense the oppression they are being subjected to.

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