The Rise of The African Errant Native

A new group of Africans are rising up and they are taking an initiative in the discussion about Africa. With the recent conflict in Laikipia, Kenya there has been an increase in the discussion about African issues especially issues concerning land rights, access to resources such as water and land, racism, sexism and classism. The errant native is an individual who tackles the plight of Africans; he is letting his voice heard and social media is proving to be the most effective medium for the errant native.
Digital democracy has been a gift. Now Africans can raise their voice and be heard across the world. The errant native does not have to travel to the UN Summit to raise his voice, with a click of the button; he is able to share his opinion and thoughts. And it’s about time the African people took back the lead in the African narrative.
When the errant native speaks, it’s not to lash out to the settlers still living in our lands or still benefiting from the aftermath of a colonial privileged past. They raise their voice because they can. The children have come to age, those who run the African nations are no longer the generation dealing with the trauma of colonialism. They are educated and they were raised believing they could accomplish anything and what they are after is equality. They raise their voices against injustices; they understand the value of pasture and why indigenous rights need to be acknowledged.
The errant native wants it all; they want to merge modernization with their beautiful past, they want a state of the art train and flourishing wildlife sanctuaries, they want to adorn themselves with their traditional artefacts while dressing up in the latest fashion, they want to be awarded equality and their traditions respected. So when you speak with the errant native, bear in mind who you are speaking to.

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